Your body and your life are dynamic.  How you treat it to achieve optimal health and wellbeing should be too.

Our personal training goal is to empower you to reach and sustain your optimal health and to feel confident in your ability to live your best life each day.

What We Do

You know your body and your lifestyle best. Which means, we want to work together to discern and define your short- and long-term health goals so we can develop a plan that helps you do more of what you love.

With over 25 specialists, we will assemble an elite team to meet you where you are, and help you go beyond…with dynamic care and progressive solutions that put you in the driver’s seat to your health destination.


Our Approach

Our goal is to help you live your best life possible.  A life where you do what YOU do without pain; staying as active as possible, and minimizing the risk and impact of stress and chronic disease. 

Everyone has a health map, where the coordinates of fitness, movement quality, nutrition, and stress all influence disease risk. We look through a long-term lens of sustainable health because we want to make sure you understand YOUR health map.

We use the Sustainable Health Index, an online and mobile application, to help us draw your health map, and help you devise an integrated approach to managing your best self.

Perhaps you need just need information for better self-management; perhaps you would benefit from one of our memberships that covers an integrated approach to care; perhaps you just want to join a wonderful and supportive community of folks pursuing their best versions of themselves.

We welcome those who are curious, those who are seeking, and those who are well on their way to Destination Health.

A-la-carte appointments for counseling, massage, nutrition, massage, small group training.

We offer unique membership combinations at reduced prices that allow you to mix and match small group and 1 on 1 programs and plans of care.


Live your best life now. Schedule your visit.