Empowering Performers Through Specialized Care: An Inside Look at Body Dynamics’ Performing Arts Medicine

The foundation of Body Dynamics sits in the performing arts. More than 25 years ago, you could find our founder, Jennifer Gamboa, providing PT to dancers in the costume closet at the Arlington Center for Dance. We’ve grown into a multidisciplinary team of clinicians with a wide range of experience and expertise.

Our team is highly involved in the professional field of performing arts medicine. They regularly present at conferences for dance professionals, provide educational and wellness seminars to student and professional artists, work as adjunct faculty in collegiate-level performing arts programs, and, of course, love to work in the clinic with dancers, actors, musicians, and even puppeteers! 

Today we’re peeking into the lives and work of the clinicians who practice Performing Arts Medicine at BDI.

Last week, Deborah worked backstage at Arena Theater treating the company from Cambodian Rock Band. This performance features a lot of singing and playing instruments on stage so Deborah is providing manual therapy and exercise to restore mobility in the neck and shoulders. And of course, the company managers always need help staying in running shape!

Suzanne says, “Working with The Washington Ballet dancers is the best part of my week. Dance-specific Pilates-based training supports the individual needs and goals of each artist/athlete. I love the collaborative process with the dancers from rehab to performance.”

Sula says, “Working with performers has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience. Some would think the dancers would prioritize getting their feet and calves massaged, but I’d say that’s not the number one focus. More often than not, they would ask for a massage for their back, neck, legs, and hips. I work at a much faster pace in the training room or backstage. I’m with a dancer for about 15 minutes rather than a full hour with a regular client. I have to think quickly on my feet to provide relief as efficiently as possible which can be challenging at times, but I enjoy working with them!”

This week Anna started working as PACOR coordinator for the collaboration between BDI and The Washington Ballet. Today she spent most of the day organizing files and creating new documents for tracking injuries and making referrals to our medical team. The glamorous life!”

Brian and Brianna have been collaborating with Stephen, a professional ballet dancer, after his recent knee surgery. PT and fitness play a significant role in restoring optimal movement and strength. While Brianna focuses on appropriate knee range of motion and local muscle work, Brian makes sure Stephen is staying strong in surrounding body regions. Together they work to integrate the daily advancements into Stephen’s everyday movements and dance-specific movements. We can’t wait to see Stephen rock it on the stage again soon! 

If you’d like to learn more about our performing arts medicine team and services, check us out here: https://bodydynamicsinc.com/performing-arts-medicine/

Know more, be well with Body Dynamics!