Virtual Services & BDI Resources During COVID-19

In an effort to keep up with CDC recommendations for the health care setting, here are some updates to the covid protocols at Body Dynamics! 


Upon check-in at the front desk, you will be asked if you have had recent contact with anyone with COVID-19 or if you have any cold, flu or covid symptoms. If you had contact, but you are boosted, had confirmed COVID-19 in the last 90 days, or completed your primary vaccine less than 6 months ago, you may keep your appointment. If you had contact, but you are not boosted and you completed your primary vaccine more than 6 months ago, or you are unvaccinated, please reschedule your appointment for 7 days later. It is recommended that you test on Day 5 after exposure. If you have symptoms, please cancel your appointment, get a COVID test and stay home. If your COVID test is negative, you may return to Body Dynamics once you are over 24 hours fever-free and symptoms are resolving. If your COVID test is positive, you may return to the clinic after 7 days if you have no symptoms. If you are immune compromised, had moderate to severe symptoms or are still symptomatic, we ask that you wait 10 days before returning to Body Dynamics.


Until further notice, please wear a high quality mask (surgical, KN95, N95) at all times at Body Dynamics.  Our front desk will provide a surgical mask if you arrive in a cloth mask.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for scheduling information or questions at 703.527.9557 or


Have you avoided the care you need due to concern about crowded clinics? We aren’t your typical physical therapy clinic, where space may be limited. We use our abundance of space to help keep you safe. Private well-ventilated treatment rooms, limits on the numbers of people in open areas, and two ground level entrances allow us to maintain healthy distancing during your time at BDI. Masks required!

Virtual Classes

Our classes are still available online and we will be offering 3 In-Person Equipment Classes starting June 1st at 75% capacity, including Women’s Strength, Men’s Strength, and Total Gym. See Mind Body for updates. Register online and you will receive a link to join the class via Zoom. Keep your body moving and your spirits up with BDI online.


Educational Webinars

Our webinars cover many topic areas around living a healthy lifestyle, such as nutrition, injury prevention, exercises, and more.


Virtual 1-on-1 Fitness, Counseling, Nutrition, Self-Massage, Health Coaching

We understand that you might need more support than ever while you are in your home. Our clinicians are here for you and would like to schedule 1-on-1 appointments to keep your fitness, nutrition, and counseling goals on track. Please feel free to schedule directly with your clinician or contact us via our contact form below.


Call for a Virtual Appointment

Telehealth PT

You do not need to delay Physical Therapy during this time at home. Body Dynamics physical therapists can effectively evaluate and treat you virtually. Through videoconferencing, we can assess range of motion, functional movement patterns, body mechanics for activities of daily living, work-from-home desk ergonomics, sitting and standing posture. As always, we design a plan of care, empower you to self-mobilize stiff joints and soft tissues, and re-educate movement to ensure good form with home exercises selected for your specific needs. We can check in on regular intervals to progress your care, as we always do. Please feel free to connect with your PT directly or contact us below to schedule a virtual appointment.

Virtual Orthotriage

Body aching or hurting? Talk to a Doctor of Physical Therapy without leaving the house.
If you’ve gotten stiff, achy or developed pain from the changes in your daily routine as a result of COVID-19 or pulled something while working out at home get advice from an expert in musculoskeletal problems. Get specific care advice and support with a virtual Orthotriage consult. 20 minutes 1-1 with a musculoskeletal orthopedic specialist without leaving your home. Schedule an appointment through the contact form below.

Contact Us to Set-up an Appointment