Our Approach to Health and Well-Being

Everyone should have the opportunity to live a robust and healthy lifestyle as possible. You should be able to move without pain, perform to the best of your ability, and reduce risk and impact of stress or chronic disease.

All of these goals are within your reach, and we want to help you achieve them. Whether you are here to recover from an injury or to maximize your fitness, we want to get to the roots of sustainability.

One-on-One Appointments

In our 1:1 appointments, one of our key strengths is our ability to accurately assess and treat out many of the underlying issues leading to musculoskeletal complaints, faltering fitness, stress, and fatigue. We often succeed where visits to other facilities have failed. Our goal is to achieve better results in fewer visits.

Small Group & Membership

With our small group options, we offer the intimacy and experience of personal training in a small group environment, but with more variety and experienced instructors than boutique facilities focusing on one fitness modality can provide. Our memberships give you open access to a broad range of choices that support your lifestyle and provide a balanced approach to cross-training.


Our doctors of physical therapy use advanced orthopedic manual techniques, dry needling, neuromuscular re-education, and sports-specific functional training to help you get better, stronger, faster.  They empower you to take an active role in setting and achieving your recovery goals.


Designated as OrthoTriage, this walk-in service provides immediate care for sprains, strains, and musculoskeletal pains. These low-cost, quick visits are direct-access with no pre-approval or other administrative insurance burdens.  We can schedule an appointment within 24 hours (same day or next day) for a guaranteed appointment time.  All treatments are provided by our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists. While 80% of all cases resolve within 3 visits, rapid referral to advanced care and our network of collaborating Orthopedists will be made as necessary to best match patient circumstances and insurance needs.


Our Clinical Massage Therapists will help you discover how to relieve pain without drugs, reduce stress, improve performance, and enhance your overall health.  Using a variety of modalities, our clinicians will listen to understand your needs and design a treatment plan based on our evaluation and your feedback.


Trainers at BDI will meet you where you are, without judgment, to help develop an intelligent exerciser, committed to long-term health and wellness.


Pilates emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. The result is more intentional, integrated movement.


This groundbreaking method addresses the three-dimensional scoliotic spine using foam wedges to bring the muscle imbalances closer to a neutral position, blending in Pilates to build core control, elongate the spine, and improve posture through one-on-one sessions with our Scolio-Pilates specialist, as well as a home exercise program unique to your physical requirements.

Neurobiofeedback/Counseling is a form of brain training that interrupts patterns of electrical activity with feedback about how the brain organizes itself, helping you manage chronic pain, cope with the stress of chronic illness, address the emotional aspects of injury or rehab, move past a plateau in your progress toward your goals, and overcome factors that inhibit peak physical and mental performance.


Nutritional therapy addresses the whole person, YOU, from a bio-individual concept.  Diet is not “all or nothing” – each meal or snack is an opportunity to nourish your body.  With the right plan, food can greatly help anyone with digestive issues, difficulty gaining or losing weight, depression, anxiety, chronic disease, sleep issues, joint pain, chronic pain, skin issues, and more.


Whether you are just starting an exercise program or are a seasoned athlete, Body Dynamics has a group class to help you meet your fitness goals and new healthy lifestyle. We provide a safe environment for beginning exercisers and clients transitioning out of physical therapy, AND we provide a variety of intermediate and advanced classes that challenge coordination, strength, endurance, speed, balance, and agility. See the class schedule here.

Common Classes we Offer:

Pilates | Total Gym | Cycle | Cardio | Balance | Zumba | Stretch and Roll | Building Better Bones | TRX | Kettlebell | Myofascial Stretch | Yoga | BDI Barre | Tai Chi | Women’s Strength | Men’s Strength



Businesses large and small depend upon a productive workforce with a healthy lifestyle to be successful in today’s competitive market. Improving employee knowledge and awareness will improve safety, productivity and satisfaction thus reducing the incidence of preventable injuries that lead to increased costs to your company. Our Occupational Health program uses education, ergonomic assessments, prevention, early intervention, and rehabilitation programming to move costs as far upstream as possible.  We coordinate with employer medical staff, benefits resource officers, and human resources, and have a proven track record of helping employers avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in premium charges, workers compensation fees, and total healthcare spending with on-site and/or near-site support.

Theaters, such as The Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre, and Arena Stage, regularly contract BDI for raked stage consultations and backstage physical therapy or massage to help support their performing artists’ health and wellness.  This service is designed to provide on-site musculoskeletal first aid and early intervention for sprains, strains, and muscle pains. As needed, our providers will also triage for advanced care, and refer performing artists to their own providers or known experts to manage next steps.

BDI’s OrthoTriage Pop Up Clinic model is designed to provide musculoskeletal first aid and early intervention for sprains, strains, and muscle pains to community businesses. The program is organized like an on-site athletic training room, where constituents are able to walk-in for musculoskeletal advice, first aid, and early intervention. Our providers will also triage for advanced care, and refer constituents to their own providers or known experts to manage next steps.


Whatever your level of activity, establishing baseline measurements to benchmark your fitness or sports performance is critical to developing an effective plan and exercise prescription to achieve your specific goals.

An evaluation to identify muscle strength, range of motion, and flexibility imbalances as they apply to dance functional movement patterns. An opportunity to answer your individual injury questions and receive individualized supplemental exercises.

Two 1-hour sessions to screen your strength, flexibility, mobility, and running stride efficiency. Receive an individualized home program that addresses deficits identified in your musculoskeletal screen.

Gymnastics is a unique sport with extraordinary physical and mental demands.  Our team of gymnastics specialists has firsthand experience with these demands and understands exactly what it takes to resolve injury and enhance performance. We know the skills and techniques required at each level and can identify the deficits in mobility, strength, and control that contribute to injury. We emphasize gymnastics specific conditioning needed to get you back to competition. We offer to work with your coaches throughout the process.

Our golf screening process has been tested on professional and recreational golfers. We use a functional approach to determine what body regions a golfer needs to train in order to prevent injury and maximize efficiency. This is a head-to-toe assessment that provides information on strength, core control, flexibility, and range of motion necessary to complete the golf swing.

Noticing limitations in your backswing? Having more pain during and after rounds? Losing distance off the tee? These are areas that can be addressed with a musculoskeletal fitness exam performed by a physical therapist or a TPI certified personal trainer. The assessment will identify asymmetries, limitations, and dysfunctional movement patterns to determine how well you move through your swing. Identifying these asymmetries through the assessment allows for a more efficient intervention strategy geared to you instead of just a generalized program. The assessment will address:

  • Core endurance
  • Single leg balance (“Y” balance test)
  • Mobility
  • Stability

Looking for something to benefit you in a work environment? If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, seated for extended periods of time, or just experiencing pain, our Ergonomics Assessment can help. We’ll identify the source of any discomfort, and work with you to make change.

Need immediate access to musculoskeletal First Aid?  Please call anytime during clinic physical therapy hours for an OrthoTriage Clinic visit.  We can get you in same day or next day as our physical therapists are available.

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