Athletes, whether recreational, pre-professional, or professional,  test their bodies with intense physical training every day. They need an interdisciplinary team to get them back to playing safely and as quickly as possible.

We have a strong track record of getting injured athletes back to their sport better, stronger, and faster, as well as helping healthy athletes gain power, speed, and agility.

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What We Do

Over the years, we have supported hundreds of athletes of all ages and abilities through cross-training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and physical therapy. Our performance focus gives athletes a competitive edge.

We work with young athletes to develop the primary building blocks of sports performance (P.ace Fundamentals), and experienced athletes at the high school and collegiate level to develop power, speed, and agility (Power P.ace).  Our team approach brings together Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Nutritional Therapy, Massage, and  Sports Counseling to provide the specialized care that athletes need.


Our Approach

P.aceSM Fundamentals is geared primarily toward younger athletes and develops the three primary building blocks for sports performance: warming up, cooling down, and core fitness. It consists of hour-long group training sessions delivered over 6 weeks and covers dynamic stretching, essential core control and strengthening exercises, and basic agility training. Athletes are given at-home and on-field programs that are designed to establish behaviors that translate into performance.

Power P.aceSM is a more advanced training program for more experienced athletes at the high school and college level. This program consists of 90-minute group training sessions delivered twice a week over 6 weeks. Power P.aceSM focuses on plyometrics, power, speed, and agility training. It is designed to progress and develop the most desirable athletic attributes and improve overall performance.

P.aceSM One-on-One is for athletes wanting individualized training. Athletes get the full attention of the P.aceSM trainer during hour-long sessions that focus on performance.

Runners have been estimated to have up to an 80% injury rate.  Due to the repetitive nature of the sport, overuse injuries are frequent.  When these injuries occur it is imperative to understand and address the root cause of your injury.  We have the expertise and the state of the art Dorsa Vi wearable sensor technology in combination with slow-motion video analysis to objectively measure exactly how you move and tailor a treatment approach to help you recover faster and return to running safely.

Two 1-hour sessions to screen your strength, flexibility, mobility, and running stride efficiency. Receive an individualized home program that addresses deficits identified in you musculoskeletal screen.

Gymnastics is a unique sport with extraordinary physical and mental demands.  Our team of gymnastics specialists has firsthand experience with these demands and understands exactly what it takes to resolve injury and enhance performance. We know the skills and techniques required at each level and can identify the deficits in mobility, strength, and control that contribute to injury. We emphasize gymnastics specific conditioning needed to get you back to competition. We offer to work with your coaches throughout the process.

Concussion management at BDI includes ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing, Post-Concussion Testing, and Return to Play Testing.  Concussion treatments provided by a physical therapist include exertional therapy, vestibular-oculomotor therapy and neurobiofeedback.


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