Are you facing joint replacement surgery in the near future? While you might be focused on recovering afterward, there’s a secret weapon that can make that process much easier: prehabilitation physical therapy.

Imagine getting a head start on your recovery before you even head into the operating room. That’s what prehab PT offers. By building strength, flexibility, and knowledge beforehand, you can set yourself up for a faster, smoother, and less expensive joint replacement journey.

So, what are the benefits of prehab PT? Here are the evidence-based insights:

  1. Faster Discharge and Getting to Go Directly Home: Studies show that patients who undergo prehab PT are more likely to skip the post-surgery rehabilitation facility and head straight back home. This means less time away from your loved ones and familiar surroundings and a quicker return to your daily routine. 1, 2
  2. Kiss Pain Goodbye (Sooner): Prehab PT doesn’t just prep you physically, it also mentally prepares you for what to expect after surgery. This can lead to reduced pain post-surgery, making your recovery less daunting and more enjoyable. 1, 3, 4
  3. A Stronger, More Mobile You: Prehab exercises focus on building strength and flexibility in the muscles surrounding your new joint. This translates to an improved range of motion after surgery, allowing you to bend, climb stairs, and perform everyday tasks with greater ease. You’ll also score higher on those outcome measures that doctors love, showcasing your impressive progress. 1, 3, 4
  4. Save Money, Save Time: Investing in prehab PT can actually save you money in the long run. Studies have shown that prehab participants require less aftercare, such as inpatient rehab or home health services. This can reduce your overall healthcare costs by as much as $800! 5

Is prehab PT right for you? Talk to your doctor or BDI staff member. We would love to meet you if you don’t currently utilize our services. If you’re considering joint replacement, prehab PT could be the key to a faster, smoother, and more cost-effective recovery. Remember, a little investment before surgery can pay big dividends afterward.

P.S. Share this post with anyone considering joint replacement. You might just change their recovery game!

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