Our bodies are dynamic, how we treat them should be too.

At Body Dynamics, we believe health comes from treating the whole person, not just your symptoms. We provide physical therapy in Falls Church Virginia.

What We Do

We are a health and wellness center that integrates physical therapy, massage, fitness, nutrition, counseling and other wellness programs to create a dynamic treatment plan designed around you, made specifically for you.

Do you need to recovery from an injury or illness? Do you want to perform or compete at the highest level? Are you ready to make long standing life style changes? Physical therapists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, nutritional therapists and counselors at Body Dynamics can team up to help.

Why I Chose BDI

Understand the BDI difference from our clients' perspective.

I have scoliosis and I have lived with back pain since my spinal fusion in 1990 at the age of 12. Until I discovered Body Dynamics Inc, I did not know there was anything I could do to help.  Any of my past attempts to get PT were cut short by insurance limitations or were so cookie-cutter that I did not make progress.  I gave up trying.  When I discovered Body Dynamics Inc. everything changed! PT at BDI is out of network, so my insurance company had less say over what was right for me.  The PT evaluation was more thorough than any I remember.  Together, we created a special plan just for me based on my unique needs. In addition to one-one-one hour-long Physical Therapy, I started Pilates that was especially geared toward my Scoliosis.  I re-connected with my body and learned how to move in new and improved ways.  I can’t remember when I felt this good.  Unfortunately, I recently broke my arm in an accident, and my BDI team was ready and able to pivot my plan of care.  I felt so lucky to already have a team in place to get me through my acute injury too!

-Christine Wilson, BDI client

I’m a professional dancer, most recently with Holland America Cruise Lines. While I was dancing in Fairfax at my local dance studio when I was younger, I had some psoas pain that Dr. Jenna Calo treated successfully with dry needling ( I know she’ll remember my reaction!). On one of my contracts after college, I was performing a lot of aerial work and was having intense pain in my arm. When I came back to the area in between contracts I went to see Dr Calo again. I explained the pain to her and she immediately knew what the problem was before even examining me! She once again successfully treated my issue. Luckily, I have been doing well and haven’t been back in a couple of years. But if I do ever have a problem again, I won’t see anyone but Dr. Calo at Body Dynamics. Thank you for helping me continue in my career! Body Dynamics is the best.

-Michael R. Hibbs, BDI client


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With over 25 health and wellness professionals, our goal is to empower you to reach your optimal health--and feel confident in your ability to sustain it and live your best life. Physical therapy near me that creates dynamic solutions. 


Go beyond your pain, expectations, hesitation, and limitations. Discover that your health is really sustainable. When you get answers based on you – not just a checklist—the opportunity for you to harness your health has never been greater.






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