Performing artists, whether dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, or musicians, put incredible artistic and physical demands on their bodies and therefore have unique rehabilitation needs.

At Body Dynamics, we have extensive experience rehabilitating recreational, pre-professional, and professional performers as well as helping them prevent future injuries and enhancing their performance capabilities.

What We Do

We routinely provide backstage dance physical therapy services and coordinate on-call orthopedic support for major dance, theater, and Broadway companies on tour in the Washington area.

We directed the Health and Wellness Program at The Washington Ballet and The Washington School of Ballet for over twelve years and provide backstage support to Arena Stage, Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre, and Shakespeare Theatre productions. Biannually we coordinate symposia in conjunction with local orthopedists, dance instructors, and other experts in dance physical therapy and medicine.

Our Approach

Dancers treating dancers:

The clinicians on the Dance Physical Therapy Medicine team were all dancers before becoming clinicians. We understand the current and future demands of the dancer to include class, rehearsal, and upcoming performances. We relate to the heart and dreams of the dancer and serve with our best clinical minds and resources to get you back to what you love.

Your advocate:

With the dancer’s permission, we make an effort to connect with teachers, coaches, choreographers, and directors, so we can work together to expedite your full return.

We know what it takes:

The unique physical demands of performing arts require the highest level of athleticism, extreme ranges of motion with absolute control and focus at any speed, precision, fluidity, flexibility, coordination, strength and power. We understand the subtleties of dysfunction in these areas and design a program to meet the specific needs of the dancer in the moment and for the future.

An evaluation to identify muscle strength, range of motion, and flexibility imbalances as they apply to dance functional movement patterns. An opportunity to answer your individual injury questions and receive individualized supplemental exercises.

An evaluation to determine readiness to begin pointe work at your studio, designed to help you understand core control, turn out, foot mobility and strength needed for a safe transition to pointe work.

Give us a call or walk in as soon as an injury occurs.  Immediate care by a Performing Arts Physical Therapist gets the best results.


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