Experience the Body Dynamics Difference

Over 25 years, our clients have grown to recognize the unique services Body Dynamics, Inc. provides. We reject the standard one-size-fits-all approach that insurance plans prescribe. Instead, our personalized approach takes all your needs into consideration and leads to less time in the clinic with faster, more sustainable results. See how our services compare to typical PT clinics.

Body Dynamics

  • You work with a PT one-on-one for the full session (you are not handed off to an assistant or left on your own!)
  • You will have a one-on-one personalized plan of care that evolves and works with your needs and schedule. You’ll spend less time in the clinic with more efficient care.
  • BDI works with you to reach YOUR goals.
  • BDI specializes in interdisciplinary care, which means clinicians always work together and communicate about your needs.

Traditional Clinics

  • One-size-fits-all approach with limited services.
  • Care is not integrated with other disciplines.
  • Patients spend little time one-on-one with a physical therapist. 
  • Usually work in open gyms rather than private treatment rooms.
  • Beholden to insurance companies’ expected goals and timelines for recovery.



Personalized Care

You should be in control of your health – not your insurance. Most standard treatment plans only aim for 80% recovery of function following an injury. We aim for 100%. 

Our community’s health is what matters most to us. No two treatment plans are the same at Body Dynamics, and we put you at the center of the conversation. Your goals are our goals. Our clinicians are highly trained and work together as a team to treat you as a whole person.

Out of Network

Body Dynamics is an out-of-network healthcare provider. At Body Dynamics, we focus on YOUR goals and best interest. Insurance companies don’t. They look out for their interest.  Being out-of-network allows us to achieve faster results, which reduces time away from work and family. Payment is due at time of service, however your insurance provider may reimburse you if your healthcare plan includes out-of-network benefits. Our front desk is always happy to provide you with any documentation required by your insurance or help you navigate the reimbursement process.

BDI Services

If you are struggling with pain or have been injured, our team of expert physical therapists is uniquely equipped to diagnose the root cause of your issue and find the best treatment. Traditional physical therapy only aims to get you back to 80% of your previous function and often treat your symptoms rather than the actual cause of your pain. At Body Dynamics, we apply the same clinical rigor to short-term acute cases as we do more complex, chronic cases to get you back to 100%.

Leave behind the long wait for minor aches, pains, and strains! Our doors are open and appointments are conveniently available for you to be seen by one of our experts. We’ll address your concerns, provide musculoskeletal first aid if necessary, and counsel you on the best next steps to take. No referral needed and no insurance barriers for easy access care at a low cost!

We know athletes put great stress on their bodies. However, traditional physical therapy approaches don’t take proactive approaches to preventing injury. Our team has developed an interdisciplinary approach to help athletes of all ages and abilities with the building blocks of sports performance, including training programs, sport-specific assessments, and more. And of course, in case an athlete does get hurt, we’re right there with them through the rehabilitation process.

Performing artists, whether dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, or musicians, know the strain their art puts on their bodies. Where other physical therapists use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, the Body Dynamics team understands the unique rehabilitation needs of the performing arts. Our interdisciplinary team is made up of former performers with first-hand experience to guide you through your treatment.

For many, personal training is a great way to achieve fitness goals. But instead of only working with one person, we assemble an elite team to meet you where you are without judgment and use their years of expertise to help you go beyond in the healthiest, safest way possible.

Traditional physical therapy clinics typically do not provide their clients access to fitness programs and counseling outside of physical therapy. Our FitRX program breaks the mold. FitRx is a medically supervised, customized exercise and training program designed to help people who are managing a chronic disease, suffering from an injury, or simply unsure of what to do in the gym, transition to the best version of themselves.

Where traditional physical therapy only addresses specific symptoms, we treat YOU as a whole person. We recognize that diet is an important factor in your overall health and work together to guide you to the best nutrition possible to support your fitness goals. With the right plan, food can greatly help anyone with digestive issues, difficulty gaining or losing weight, depression, anxiety, chronic disease, sleep issues, joint pain, chronic pain, skin issues, and more.

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