Counseling & Neurobiofeedback

Our unique approach combines counseling with neurobiofeedback to help you improve sleep, manage chronic pain, and cope with other life challenges.

Neurobiofeedback is a form of brain training that interrupts patterns of electrical activity with feedback about how the brain organizes itself.

The neurobiofeedback therapist uses sensors to measure the electrical patterns that your brain produces as a byproduct of its communication system. You receive feedback in the form of a pause in a piece of music that you are listening to or a moment of stillness in a video that you are watching. This feedback interrupts the brain’s threat response system and can help you:

  • Manage chronic pain
  • Cope with the stress of chronic illness
  • Address the emotional aspects of injury and rehabilitation
  • Move past a plateau in your progress toward your goals
  • Overcome factors that inhibit peak physical and mental performance

Coupled with counseling, this approach can also help you understand the impact that relationship challenges at home and work have on your body, understand the role that anxiety plays in the development and maintenance of physical symptoms, and develop strategies and ways of thinking that improve your functioning.