Taking care of little ones can be a joyful yet exhausting experience. The comforting, playing, and wrangling of kids takes quite a toll on our bodies. You start moving in new ways and picking up squirming weight your body is not really ready for. Your instinct might not always be your back’s best friend. 

So take a step back and remember your body has changed since the last time you were hanging out at a playground! We all want to comfort that sweet baby, but if your back is sore for two weeks after, maybe we should rethink some things.

Whether you are a mother or grandmother, father or grandfather, friend or caretaker, hopefully, these tips can help prepare you as you navigate the world of caring for children.  

My first stop is the playground. There are lots of ways you can assist. However, some body mechanics will lend to our strengths. Also note, these little ones can help too!  



This can definitely be an awkward spot! But use good body mechanics to your advantage! Here are examples of perhaps what not to do, and a better way you could try. 




Now to the little guys. 



Swing removal


Monkey bars

Here is a classic move I see all the time!  


Try this instead!  


Holding little ones

Now you still definitely need mobility and strength to perform all these movements. So here are a couple of exercises to condition you for your “playoffs” with the kids: 

This can be done with any size weight. This movement is going to target your strength to help lift the child.  



Well, that’s a compound movement so let’s break it down. 


Finally here is the movement without the bench: 



I hope you found something helpful in any or all of these videos. Lastly, I wanted to share two stretches that have become my favorites since becoming a mama. If I find a moment, these are my go-to’s. 


At Body Dynamics, it’s your health, your plan, and your journey. We hope the exercises and stretches we have compiled will help you! If pain persists, we encourage you to seek an evaluation with one of our physical therapists.