When you hear “massage,” what comes to mind? 

Probably something along the lines of treating yourself to some relaxation and self-care, right? You’re definitely not wrong — a massage can be very relaxing! But, for many, massage therapy is part of their larger healthcare plan. 

At Body Dynamics, our unique approach to massage provides benefits to patients that go beyond simply addressing the place you feel pain. We view and analyze the whole person! With a movement assessment to assess your functional movement, , we find the cause of your pain to address the whole problem — not just the symptom. 

Because our massage therapists work under the same roof as other Body Dynamics experts, including physical therapists and fitness professionals, your care is comprehensive. If your massage therapist identifies an issue, they can refer you to someone across the hall instead of across town. 

We also know your time is valuable. With several massage therapists on our staff, you aren’t limited to just one person’s availability. You can choose to see any of us, anytime — whatever works best for you. 

We offer a wide range of techniques and approaches to massage, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release massage. From pregnancy massages to manual lymph drainage to neuromuscular therapy, we’ve got something to help you!