Sarcopenia is defined as age-related frailty. Associated signs and symptoms of sarcopenia are loss of muscle mass, strength, and physical performance. Fortunately, evidence shows that this can be reversed using a dual approach of progressive resistance exercise, and nutrition guidelines. 

Strength training performed 2-3 times a week reduces physical disability associated with sarcopenia by improving strength in aging adults. Studies have also shown that progressive resistance training can help clients achieve functional gains – for example increasing walking speed and ability to sit to stand and stand to sit.  

Since some of the signs of sarcopenia are a decrease in muscle size and strength, it stands to reason that protein intake can play a major role in addressing this issue. However, figuring out how much protein to consume is often confusing. Recent studies have shown that an ideal protein intake is between 1.0-1.2 g/kg (body weight)/day. Eating around 25-30g of protein over each meal is a good place to start. This can be challenging since we tend to eat less protein than needed as we age. Remember, high-quality protein can come in many forms such as wild-caught seafood, organic free-range poultry, legumes, and raw nuts and seeds.

Another aspect of nutrition to take into consideration is that there is increasing evidence that metabolic factors associated with obesity and diabetes hasten the progression of sarcopenia. If you are concerned, eating a balanced diet, high in fiber, will help with the prevention of those metabolic conditions.

FITRX is a supervised gym program at Body Dynamics that allows you the opportunity to work out with all your favorite practitioners from the clinic in a community of like-minded individuals.  Your support team ranges from PTs to fitness and massage therapists who support your fitness journey with a well-thought-out plan derived from thorough assessments. 

We also offer you a nutrition plan designed to complement your health journey. We continue to challenge your body by incorporating progressive resistance exercise safely- progressing your exercises with resistance as your strength improves! Our FITRX team is here to cheer you on and provide a safe space for you to grow. We make sure to track your vitals and assess your progress each time you come in. 

We encourage you to pursue evidence-based approaches to support your body as you progress through life and Body Dynamics is committed to the continued pursuit of approaches to fitness and health that are up to date with current evidence.  Wishing you well as you ease into summer and we look forward to seeing you in the gym. 

Want a taste of Body Dynamics? Check out this video demonstrating some exercises to keep your feet supported throughout your summer activities!