Have you heard the term “muscle confusion” that’s been an exercise buzzword for the last few years? The term suggests that you need to confuse your muscles by constantly changing your workout routine in order to see results. Though variety in your workouts is important, your muscles do not actually get confused. Additionally, switching up your workouts too frequently may not allow you to make progress towards a specific goal. Say your goal is to perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions of squats holding a 25-lb kettlebell. You are better off slowly increasing the kettlebell weight over weeks of training rather than doing a different program each week.
A better way to think about variety in your workouts is in terms of cross-training, or relying on different training methods to improve a certain area of fitness. You don’t need a completely new workout program every day, but your workouts should vary throughout the week. A comprehensive fitness program includes mobility, stability, strength and cardio. It’s what we’ve been about at Body Dynamics since the beginning! We offer stretching classes for mobility, pilates for stability, men and women’s strength training classes, and a variety of cardio classes, that when combined, can help you meet your fitness goals.