How many of us are working a job that keeps us behind a desk?Whether that desk is in the comfort of our own home or an office building, for
many of us, our routine is simple: sleep, eat, work, repeat.

Sometimes it is difficult to take time out of the routine and add in some sort physical activity. That might be a nice way of putting it. Regardless of the routine you may be in, it is SO important to consider the benefits of exercise and how it can positively affect your work life in addition to
everything else.

Often times we let the work get in the way of our own needs which in turn directly effects how motivated we are to be active. The truth is, the nature of most occupations keep employees from being active and instead limit them to a sedentary work life. Nothing like a couple hours sitting at a desk to get you pumped for a workout.

Luckily, many companies have taken steps to implement workplace wellness programs in order to get their employees up and moving. Being able to utilize work time to exercise has proven to benefit physical, mental,
and emotional health for employees. Employers are starting to take note.
Just the act of getting up from behind your desk and taking a walk
outside can be beneficial. Even better with a few co-workers.

What employee doesn’t want less stress and to feel more alert and

What employer doesn’t want their employees to show up and be more

We can’t take credit for these ideas but at BDI we do have a work culture
that emphasizes staying active and getting enough exercise to keep us
healthy and happy.