Don’t hang up the phone when you hear we are out of network…..

When meeting brand new clients we are often asked if we take insurance. BDI is an out of network care provider which does mean that we don’t participate in insurance plans.  Being out of network means also means…

BDI is out of network to allow the clinician to have the time to listen and treat the root source vs. temporarily alleviating symptoms.  

It allows for a greater amount of 1:1 time dedicated 100% to ONE client at a time, yes please.

Working with our clients 1:1 often means that our clients come in less frequently and still reach similar outcomes as in-network care. Less time out of your week spent going to appointments, yes please.   

Stepping out of network allows you to go beyond the basics–Participate in life FULLY, not just 50%, yes please.

There is a perception that out of network is more expensive but it is actually cost neutral.  So you wind up spending the same or potentially less than you would if you got treated somewhere that was in-network. 

Similar cost t, more time with the Physical Therapist, being heard and viewed as a whole person, getting to the root of the problem, and returning to the things you love? Yes please.