The Marine Corp Marathon is coming! Are you running and are you ready? What is your marathon? 

Run YOUR Marathon!!! 

One of our clinicians, Sarah Kenworthy, recently wrote a blog post for Pacers Running and the message was meant for the thousands who are training for the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon. The intent was to calm the inevitable nerves and to remind those training for the 26.2 mile race, that they’ve done the work and are ready for the race. 

After reading this blog post we realized that the information isn’t just for runners, but can be applied to anyone looking to accomplish a goal. Everyone has a “marathon” that they are working towards. It could be focused on nutrition, mental health, or fitness. Maybe you are rehabbing from an injury or recovering from surgery. Perhaps you’re trying to hone a specific skill needed for your dance or athletic performance. Whatever your goal staying on task, and trusting the work you put in is imperative. 

Our wonderfully complicated brain might form questions, tons of them, and sometimes even doubt. These questions are 100% NORMAL. In Sarah’s article, runners are told to trust their training and the same applies to whatever your focus is. The grueling, time-consuming, and tiring training you are doing to reach your “marathon” will pay off. Trust it and trust yourself. 

If your brain is telling you that, “you didn’t do enough! You aren’t ready,” and you’re still having doubts then go seek help from experts. Get yourself a team of clinicians that help people achieve their health goals. Knowledge is powerful and finding trained experts to have in your corner can help you overcome those roadblocks in your path. It never hurts having people in your corner to help you achieve your goals. 

As you head out to practice and train for your goal, try spending a few minutes meditating or simply focusing on your breathing. You can also visualize your reason for training. Whatever your reason for running, improving your nutrition, rehabbing an injury, or honing your athletic skills visualize your goal. 

Get ready to get out there and run your “marathon.”