Here’s a story.  

Let’s say you come in for a Physical Therapy appointment because you injured your back lifting your grandson.  You feel silly because you should be able to lift your grandchild, you are only 63 years old after all.

The PT will help you diagnose the problem and give you treatment and tools to care for your acute injury.  Fortunately, the pain you felt in your back disappears after a few treatments with your PT and doing some stretches at home.  You still have stiffness when you wake up in the morning and you have to sit down to put on your socks and shoes. All in all you feel much better.

Along the way your clinician might notice other things that could help as well.  Perhaps your endurance isn’t what it once was and walking up stairs is getting more difficult.  You share that your doctor has warned you about keeping your bones strong and your last bone scan revealed that you have osteopenia in your spine.  Maybe your spouse is beginning to forget and you are increasingly worried about leaving them alone in the house.

You and your PT complete your treatment for your back pain and develop with a plan for what is next. Listen up because this is where it gets interesting.

At the recommendation of your PT, you start meeting with a counselor 1x week to help equip you with tools to calm worries surrounding your spouse.  Along the way you gain valuable insight into the role you play in your marriage and how you can navigate more smoothly. You realize that things don’t need to be so hard. That you have power over your thoughts and behavior.  

Your PT recommends that you try a dance class that focuses on building up your bone density.  You love to dance and trying the class will get your heart rate up, its good for your bones and you might make some friends along the way.  

Your PT connects you with one of the personal trainers that works at Body Dynamics who focuses his sessions with you on strengthening your core, to help prevent another back injury in the future.  Your grandkids are only getting bigger after all.

You were just looking for someone to help with your back pain. You found something so much more.  You found Body Dynamics who treats your “whole person.”

That’s what we do and we are proud of it.