In our first post about the Sitting Professional we described some of the ways that musculo-skeletal injuries can develop depending on how and how long you are sitting. Here’s a recap in case you forgot.

Repetition: Repeating the same movements daily

Fixed Positions: Static Loads: Consistent load in one position

Awkward Positions: You know who you are.  We also know you just sat up really straight…

Force: Increased pressure at different points or mechanical stress


So what can you do to help with improving your body aches, strains or pain?

1- Increase your weekly exercise. Did you know that 1 hour of exercise per day will help significantly reduce the detrimental effects of sitting for 8+ hours per day? 

2- Move during the day. It is very helpful to perform stretching that will relieve the postures you’ve sustained while working at your desk. 

3- Alternate tasks. You will ask your muscles, tendons and ligaments to work in a different way and therefore reduce the accumulated stress/strain on them.

Give these a try! Keep an eye out for our next Sitting Professional workshop hosted here at the clinic.