What makes Small Group Training different at BDI?
Our SGT classes are small enough that you get individual attention while also being big enough to create a community feel. Accountability is key and seeing familiar faces in class can help keep you accountable and motivated. If there are modifications that need to be made we can do so.
In our SGT classes we are able to touch base with everyone in class at some point whether its correcting form or offering encouragement or cuing the next movement.
If someone has arthritis in their wrist so they can not do a plank on their hands, we can give them the modification to get on their elbows without disrupting the class. No matter what the movement our knowledgeable instructors can find an alternative to make it work for you. This helps you get the most out of class while also reducing your chance of injury.
We recommend to many of our clients that they use SGT to augment their 1:1 work so they not only get more exercise time in but they also have a place to improve their skills based on the feedback and cuing they receive from our instructors. You are more likely to push yourself harder in a class setting than exercising alone. This is great for someone working toward gaining basic fitness, improving balance or flexibility, and even performance in the things they love like dance, yoga, walking, running, cycling, etc. When you challenge yourself thats when progress can be made.