Are your kids grown and off to college or starting their careers? Is your career at a point where you can finally find balance? Do you find yourself with more time to devote to exercise and friends? Did you spend the last ten to twenty years focused on your kids and now it’s time focus on yourself? Do you have big goals – Hikes, Cycling trips, Travel expeditions, service trips – that you want to do, but have aches and pains that you think would limit you?  

Become a Better You!

These are very common experiences. We all know the importance of physical activity and social support, but years of pursuing a career and caring for a family can leave people out of shape and wanting to be their best selves. Yet, shoulder pain, low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain are the harsh realities. Jumping into high intensity interval training, weight training, or a running program, without a plan, often leaves people frustrated, and goals go unrealized. There is another way.

If you are approaching a new phase of life and have big goals, but feel the limitations of your aging body, come see us. A thorough evaluation and a plan that may include a combination of physical therapy to address movement dysfunction, massage to improve soft tissue mobility, counseling to work through life stressors and changing family dynamics, private fitness training or a gym membership where you have accountability and guidance, and group classes with others going through the same can be life changing.  

Here are the stories of three good friends. They completed a 7‐day hike along the South Coast Path in Cornwall, England last summer. Each with different injuries, physical limitations, found individualized plans at Body Dynamics. All three realized their dream and have a bright future ahead with plans to do hikes of this sort each year.  


I have always been fairly active but twice in the past few years it seemed like little things were geƫng squeaky, and I began to walk, not run, and avoided certain exercises. I chalked it up to age and my time to slow down. Fortunately, a friend said all you need is a “little tune up” go and see someone at Body Dynamics. Having done PT, I started down the path of who my insurance covered and my friend said, “STOP ‐‐ go see Ashley.” Well, I really missed running with my friends and decided a few appointments would be worth it if I got my “knee” back and running with my friends, which was priceless as they say. 

A few years later my lower back starting complaining after runs, and again, I began to slow down, avoiding running and even long hikes. Once again, I let it slide and it continued to get worse, and my PT friend did a personal evaluation and said, “Go see Ashley again. This is a tune up but you have really let it get worse by not doing anything.” In 5 sessions Ashley had me ready to walk 22 miles without pain. PT is amazing!


My two arthroscopic surgeries for torn meniscus had very different results. The first one required a minimum of rehabilitation. The second one continued to swell months after surgery, and I was unable to fully bend my knee. A friend recommended that I see Ashley at Body Dynamics, and I am grateful for the comprehensive care that she provided. Curious about my repeated meniscus trouble, Ashley investigated my feet, ankles, and hips as possible culprits. As it turned out, one hip was hypermobile and the other was – whatever the opposite of that is. 

Arming me with exercises for my hips as well as my knees, Ashley ensured that I made a full recovery. I was able to join my friends on the South Coast Path in Cornwall, England for a strenuous 7‐day hike. As it turns out, I had another meniscal tear on the last day of our trip ‐ the result of walking three miles on flat sand. I returned to BDI, where Jorge fixed me up in no time. BDI’s philosophy of educating patients pays off. I have had a couple of flare‐ups since our trip, but I have been able to manage them on my own. Incorporating PT exercises into my yoga routine has been fun, and that has helped me practice each day at home. The result? I can hike with my friends, thanks to BDI. 


I learned the importance of hip health a hard and painful way. A debilitating ankle injury a few years ago led to even more painful challenges with my hips when I could finally resume walking. Eventually my mobility deteriorated to the point that even short walks and driving were unbearable. I was desperate for help when friends recommended Ashley and Body Dynamics. With her great care, I was not only able to recover, I’m now stronger than I have been in years. For me, one of the nicest options of care there is the ability to transition to an appropriate group or individual exercise classes after PT. The fun and challenging group classes with Ashley, Grace, Jorge and Chip have been crucial to maintaining my recovery.  

I’m so grateful to this team for helping me find renewed energy with no pain, which allowed me to achieve my dream to hike Cornwall’s magnificent and challenging South Coast Trail with my friends the year I turned 60. Another bonus ‐‐ my bone density has increased! Thank you Body Dynamics!