If you decided to go on a road trip, wouldn’t you want to know the best option for getting to your destination? Maybe you’d prefer to stay on the local and more scenic roads, or you might want to get there as quickly as possible on an interstate. You would also consider that your car might be better suited to one plan over the other. There are likely a lot of variables that will determine your ultimate path. 

Similarly, when taking on the not-so-simple goal of improving your physical wellness it makes sense to take stock of your current state, your options, and your ideal outcome to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. Assessments at BDI do exactly that. They can help you figure out where you are, assist you in sorting through your alternatives, and guide you to your end goal as quickly and safely as appropriate.

Of course, in all physical therapy and fitness sessions, we are always assessing and reassessing as you progress. But we also offer more specific assessments dependent on your needs and goals. In each evaluation, a baseline will be established and then client-specific, evidence-based, information will be shared to help you move forward.

They all follow similar outlines, but the details for each are different: 

Fitness Assessments

In our Fitness Assessments, we take a comprehensive snapshot of your health. We will look at your medical history, current activities, and several different fitness markers including:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Joint mobility 
  • Core strength, balance
  • Functional strength 

The results are then age-and-gender-matched to place you in a percentile for each area measured. Based on the information gathered and your goals we then come up with an exercise plan to help you get started, using the summary of findings as a starting point. 

Running Assessments

Our Running Assessments take into consideration your goals and any specific concerns you may have. Our clinicians will watch and record you running and then use that information to help you fine-tune your gait. This can help you become a more efficient athlete and avoid injury. If there are muscle or joint imbalances, they may be addressed through a home program that could include stretches and strengthening exercises. 

Shoe Assessments

In the Shoe Assessment, the structure of your foot is examined and compared with your activity goals. Perhaps you have a more rigid foot and the shoe you are wearing isn’t appropriate. Maybe you are looking to try out an insert and are wondering if that’s the right choice for you. A Shoe Assessment can guide you through all your options and help you avoid unnecessary discomfort in your body.

Dancer Screen and Pointe Readiness Assessments

The Dancer Screen and Pointe Readiness Assessments will look at:

  • The structure of your foot
  • Your balance and strength
  • Basic technical skills 

This helps clinicians determine if you are prepared for the next step in your dance journey. The findings often show weaknesses that can be addressed with regular exercises or stretches. Additionally, the clinicians can help you sort through some of the information you may have seen on social media or heard in your studios to figure out if it’s appropriate and helpful for you. These two assessments have some overlap, but the goal is different. The dancer screen is appropriate for someone looking to improve their technique or performance in any area, while the pointe readiness assessment determines if your whole body can handle the stressors of pointe shoes. 

Keep in mind that these are the more formal assessments. At BDI, in just about every service we offer you will be evaluated to some degree in each session to make sure that you are still heading in the right direction. If we go back to our road trip analogy, think of these mini check-ins as looking at your navigation screen to make sure you’re not lost or going in circles. 

If appropriate, the full Assessment might need to be completed again to recalibrate the information you need to keep moving well. It may seem like a lot, but we hold ourselves to a high standard and our various assessments are one of the key tools we use to get you better, faster, and stronger.

Know more, be well with Body Dynamics.