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Oct 23 2020


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

How to Improve Your Mood & Stress Levels– Exercise!

The webinar will discuss the importance of movement on your mood, positive well-being, and reducing stress. We will talk about the amount of exercise, intensity, and type that is needed to improve mood, stress levels, and positive well-being. Attendees will be provided with example exercises that can be completed on their own while at home or at work to provide a boost of energy or a moment of mindfulness/relaxation during the day.

This webinar will be led by Dr. Debra Stroiney. Learn more about Dr. Stroiney below.

Working as an Assistant Professor has been an exciting journey so far. Every day brings new challenges and rewards. I am currently teaching many classes within the field of Exercise Science and with my diverse background, I truly enjoy it. The focus of my research has been driven by my past experiences in the fitness field as well as my experiences as a recreational athlete.

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